Nakto Camel Electric Bike Review

Review of: Nakto Camel 26″ Electric Bike. Use: Multi-terrain, suitable for commuting, shopping, country rides Seat-to ground measurement: 35″~43″ (seat height is adjustable) 6-Speed Shimano derailleur Price: Check price on Amazon This eBike is the #3 Best-Seller Adult Electric Bike on
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  • Power-assist and throttle control for uphill riding
  • Front fork suspension to minimize bumps
  • Handy front basket for shopping etc.
  • Great quality for low price
  • Electric throttle makes for quick and easy speed adjustment
  • Front and rear lights are included
  • Unisex (although a "men's" model is available)
  • 1-year warranty against materials and manufacturing defects


  • Instruction manual could be more extensive/detailed (however, the attractive price should compensate)
  • Some users might prefer a more comfortable seat
  • This ebike is rather heavy - would require a strong bike rack on your car

Summary: The Nakto camel electric bike has all of the features you would expect in a good electric bike but at a price much lower than most. If you’re looking for a sturdy, multi-terrain ebike under $700, the  Natko 26″ camel should give you years of cycling enjoyment.

NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles 26" Electric Bikes for 36V/10Ah/12Ah Ebikes(Camel White)

From daily commuting to weekend country rides, the Nakto camel ebike is about as versatile as an electric bike can get. For riders who traverse bumpy roads or tracks the front suspension is sure to be a blessing. 

The ebike comes 95% assembled to facilitate transportation and minimize accidental damage. You only need to assemble the handles and front tire (following directions in the user manual) and possibly adjust the saddle height. 

The NAKTO’s load capacity is 250 lbs

Modes of Locomotion

There are 3 different ways you can use the Nakto camel ebike:

  • Pedal only (no motor/battery power)
  • Pedal-assist (motor provides extra power while you are pedaling)
  • Pure electric (using only battery/motor power, no pedaling)


The NAKTO ebike comes with a removable 36V 10AH lithium battery (comes with smart charger).  The battery is lockable on the ebike – just turn the key to remove the battery. Charging time is 4-6 hours; you can charge the battery on or off the ebike. Travel distance range is up to 25 miles on a single charge. 

There is an LED indicator on the battery charger unit. The LED is red when the power is connected and the battery is charging. When the LED turns green, it means the battery is fully charged.

The best indication of how much battery life is remaining is to check the throttle LED, after reaching cruising speed, on a flat, straight road. This will allow the battery voltage to stabilize and give a much more accurate reading.

You should completely charge the battery pack before using for the first time.


The NAKTO ebike is powered by a 250W brushless, high-speed motor that gives a powerful boost in speed of up to 20 mph. You’ll find the electric throttle at the inner half of the right-side handlebar grip. The more you twist the throttle towards you, the faster the motor system will propel the bicycle.


The ebike is equipped with V-drum front and rear brakes.

What You'll Get In the Package

NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles 26" Electric Bikes for 36V/10Ah/12Ah Ebikes(Camel White)

You will get:

  • lithium battery
  • battery charger
  • basket
  • tool kit
  • owner’s manual

NAKTO Adult Electric Bicycles 26" Electric Bikes for 36V/10Ah/12Ah Ebikes(Camel White)


The Nakto camel electric bike is versatile enough to please anyone wanting to cycle around town or for extended weekend rides. And who could resist such a refreshing price?

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