Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike

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Review of: Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike (available in 5 colors).
Use for: urban riding, also good for off-road. Suitable for male or female riders between 5″ and 6″5′ tall (adjustable seat height).
Maximum Load Weight: 280 lbs.
Motor: 500W BionX D-series rear hub motor.
Maximum Speed: 28 mph.
Lights: front and rear lights.

Some of the Pros

  • Well balanced and easy to ride, regardless of speed
  • Innovative design provides riding comfort without the need for suspension
  • Highly adjustable to suit most sizes of riders
  • Battery regeneration mode can automatically recharge the battery
  • Motor responds immediately in pedal assist
  • Motor is super-powerful, yet very quiet
  • Elby App can sync your phone to the bike (with Bluetooth built in)


  • Seat might be a little uncomfortable for some riders
  • Ebike packaging is sometimes badly damaged in transit, although well-protected contents are usually unscathed
Elby Bike 9 Speed Electric Bike, Blue, 16.5"/One Size

Riding the Elby 9-Speed Electric Bike

The Elby ebike is equipped to provide safe, comfortable riding in most conditions.

The unique design of the motor gives the most natural feeling when riding in power modes. It feels just like a regular bicycle when you’re riding without power – there’s very little resistance. When you turn on the 4 different levels of assistance there’s a very natural feel, with a lot of torque. The 500-Watt motor tackles steep hills with ease.

Although the Elby 9-speed electric bike does not have suspension, the frame is designed to have a certain amount of flex so you still get a comfortable ride. Additional comfort is provided by the cushioning tires.

As far as riding safety is concerned, the hydraulic brakes stop the bike very easily. For night-time riding, the bike has a super-bright front light. On either side of the headlight is a narrow auxiliary light that provides good visibility ahead of the bike.

Elby Bike 9 Speed Electric Bike, White, 16.5"/One Size
Elby Bike 9 Speed Electric Bike, Blue, 16.5"/One Size
Elby Bike 9 Speed Electric Bike, White, 16.5"/One Size


The 48-volt, 11.6-amp lockable battery has a range of approximately 80 miles and can fully charge from empty in 4 hours. It’s inconspicuously situated between the two bars above the crank. The battery’s low center of gravity provides additional riding stability and safety.

To get to the battery, remove the colored plastic cover above it, then unlock it with the key and lift it out. The same key that unlocks the battery can also be used to lock/unlock the seat post.

The bike has 4 different levels of battery regeneration. When you activate battery regeneration mode, it automatically recharges the battery every time you brake (regenerative braking). If you’re going down a hill, you can recoup lots of battery power as your speed is controlled on your descent.

Charging the Battery:

You can charge the battery on the bike or you can remove and charge it at work or at home. 

The battery comes with a 3.45 amp charger that plugs into a standard 110V outlet. 

Hub Motor

The hub motor is encased in plastic so it’s not nearly as heavy as those that are encased in metals such as aluminum alloy. Its design allows it to dissipate heat more effectively and also provides some powerful torque.

You have 4 different levels of assistance to choose from so you can ride with as much or as little assistance as you like. 

When you ride an ebike in throttle mode, the chain can bounce around somewhat and on some ebikes it can flop off. However, that won’t be a problem with the Elby ebike because the chainguard extends sufficiently beyond the chain to prevent it slipping off.

The motor is super-powerful but operates astoundingly quietly. It’s not surprising that there’s a built-in bell to warn people you’re approaching!

Elby Bike 9 Speed Electric Bike, White, 16.5"/One Size
Elby Bike 9 Speed Electric Bike, White, 16.5"/One Size

Frame (choice of 5 colors)

The stout, step-through aluminum alloy frame is great for easy getting on and off. It’s tough enough to carry a 200-pound rider with perfect stability.

Because the frame is reinforced, the bike is a little on the heavy side at around 57 pounds. However, the design of the frame and the position of the battery in the center of the bike make for a better all-round riding experience.

Reinforcement bars hold the metal fenders securely to the frame and keep them from rattling while you’re riding. They are very sturdy and durable.

The seat post is about 50 cm. long, making it highly adjustable. Combined with the adjustability of the handlebar, this ebike could be made to accommodate any size rider between 5″ and 6″5′ tall.

Thanks to the frame’s low center stand-over height, it’s easy to get on and off the bike. As far as frame colors go, you have a choice of black, white, silver, blue or orange.

Handlebar and Controls

You’re sure to like the super-comfortable, ergonomically-designed handlebar grips. They lock in place so they can’t twist on you. You can adjust the height and the angle of the handlebar on the stem. Whether you prefer a relaxed, upright riding position or a more aggressive one, you can easily make the adjustments to your liking.

The levers on the handlebar have adjustable reach; there’s a screw to adjust the lever angle.

Elby ebike display panelWant to charge your mobile phone or use a GPS device while you’re out on the road? There’s a USB port conveniently situated in the center of the handlebar which you can use to charge your phone.

An adhesive mount and USB charging cable are included. Just remove the color display panel, attach your device and plug it in. You can easily remove the display panel by twisting it anti-clockwise; your bike can work perfectly well without it.

The bike is programmable to local provincial and state speed laws.

From the right-hand side of the handlebar you can access various functions, such as control the lights and power the bike on and off. You can also control the power-assist level, check your battery etc. which you will see on the center display panel.

Elby Control panel

Tires and Brakes

Continental tires measure 26″ x 2.2″ and have a reflective sidewall stripe to enhance visibility. Although the Elby electric bike does not have a suspension mechanism, the tires provide ample cushioning power on rough roads.

The bike is fitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a power cut-off switch for safety. Braking is quick and precise. 

Final Thoughts

The Elby 9-speed electric bike is great for getting around town but won’t object to a bit of dirt path off-roading. Even if the Elby isn’t the best ebike out there, it definitely comes very close. It’s a great way to conquer your daily commute, your errands and the steepest roads in your neighborhood.

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