Best Bike Helmet Under 100 Dollars in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best bike helmet under 100
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To complete your cycling getup, don’t forget to look into the reviews below to find the best bike helmet under 100 dollars.

Although there are tons of expensive options out there, these helmets can give you top-tier protection at a reasonable budget.

Below, we’ll explore five of our favorite options for the best MTB helmet under 100.

Best Bike Helmet Under 100 Reviews

1. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Schwinn is a famous bike brand well-loved for its line of high-quality products.

The Thrasher Bike Helmet is perfect for adults and is available in several colorways.

With a ton of aerodynamic and comfortable features, it is a great helmet for all-day wear.


The Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet is the best MTB helmet under 100 for riders ages 14 and up, whether male or female.

If you need a comfortable helmet, you’ll appreciate its full Schwinn 360-degree comfort.

On the side of the helmet, you will find an adjustable fit knob to create a more custom fit.

Also, there’s padding around the entire interior so that the helmet can sit comfortably against your head.

Riders who prefer hard-shell helmets will like this design because it has full coverage for ultimate protection.

Fortunately, the innovative micro-shell makes it very lightweight, so your head will feel almost weightless.

Also, with 20 air vents built into the top of the helmet, you will have an ample amount of airflow.

Together with optimal protection, you won’t feel like your head is overheating even as you ride on hot summer days.

One of the things we love about this helmet is that it looks like a traditional helmet with upgraded features.

The angular style is comfortable and easy to wear for clear visibility in all conditions.

Also, the universal fit is convenient and means you get an adjustable helmet for the whole family.

  • Withstands hard impact
  • Easily adjusts
  • Sits comfortably
  • Adjustable visor
  • Challenging strap adjustments
  • Could interfere with sunglasses

2. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet

More often than not, riders choose commuter helmets because they’re perfect for longer rides.

If you also want a simple and comfortable helmet, then Retrospec’s CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet is for you.

It features a modern take on a classic style and is available in many colors, ranging from pine green to matte black.


This helmet is one of the best options for athletic people who enjoy multiple sports.

It has been tested and certified for biking, skating, and skiing, obtaining the following certifications:

  • CPSC 16
  • CFR 1203
  • STM F2040-11
  • ASTM F1446
  • EN 1077
  • ENN 1078

This style is an excellent alternative if you are not a massive fan of large and bulky helmets.

It looks similar to most professional skateboarding helmets, which is ideal for young adults and teens.

Along the top of the helmet, you’ll find eight separate reinforced vents for breathability.

On the interior, some pads can easily be removed and replaced for a more custom fit.

As head protection is the most important, you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty to take advantage of.

The Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter Helmet is constructed using ABS and EPS foam for impact safety.

This can easily be the best MTB bike helmet under 100 because it can bear the brunt of accidental crashes and absorb most of the impact.

The helmet won’t slip around on your head from sweat, and the comfortable materials are irritant-free with the vents.

Riders will also love the DEWcollector technology built into the helmet’s interior.

This tech helps to wick away moisture, which reduces the likelihood of sweaty smells.

Also, it hinders bacterial buildup, so you can clean your helmet less often.

Like most adult helmets, this is designed for riders aged 14 and up and has three sizes to choose from.

  • Low-profile style
  • Plenty of impact absorption
  • Comes with extra padding
  • Requires few adjustments
  • Feels heavy
  • Matte colors scratch easily

3. Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet

If you are in the market for a uniquely styled helmet, this sleek and modern option has got you covered.

It features specialized engineering, which makes it one of the more impressive helmets out there.

Also, it has MIPS protection, which is often preferred by professional cyclists.


Giro is an innovative brand that crafts several professional and casual helmets.

The Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet is one of their more feature-packed options.

For one, it boasts the Roc Loc Sport MIPS for confident riding.

The in-mold construction allows you to have versatile protection in all essential areas.

With Multi-Directional Impact Protection, it will redistribute the energy from the impact throughout the helmet.

This process ensures that your head and soft tissues are adequately protected in an accident.

Riders who find it challenging to find the perfect fit will also love this model.

It has a Roc Loc Sport fit system, allowing you to create a custom fit for every rider.

The built-in extra-plush padding sits comfortably against your head without causing irritation even during long-distance rides.

Mountain bikers are bound to love this style the most, as the outer shell has a protective size.

With in-depth coverage, you won’t have to worry about navigating through rough terrain and overgrown trails.

Also, it has a full hard-body shell, which is essential for optimal protection and helmet longevity.

Riding at night has never been safer with the reflectivity of this helmet.

It looks low profile during the day, but the reflective components are easy for motorists to see at night.

Also, this is likely one of the most ventilated helmets you are bound to find.

The Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet has 18 separate vents in the polycarbonate shell that allows for optimal airflow.

What’s more, the EPS liner is lightweight and highly protective to help reduce the helmet’s overall weight.

You can further reduce the weight of the helmet by taking off the removable visor.

  • Perfect fit
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal breathability
  • Significant impact protection
  • Visor falls off frequently
  • Lacks vent mesh

4. JBM Adult Cycling Helmet

The traditional style of the JBM Adult Cycling Helmet provides specialized protection with adjustable features.

Its lightweight design is comfortable for all riders, though the sizing is designed explicitly for riders 14-year-olds and older.


One of the most notable features of this helmet is its high level of adjustability.

Regardless of head size, the easy dial system lets you find the perfect fit.

There’s also integrated straps that allow you to adjust the tightness under the chin for men and women.

Because of its impressive impact-resistance, this CPSC-certified could easily be the best bike helmet under 100 for many riders.

On the exterior, you will find hardened PVC and PC, as well as a layer of EPS foam for shock-absorption.

Like most helmets, there’s also an adequate amount of ventilation, thanks to the aerodynamic vents.

What makes this stand out is that the ventilation system doesn’t take away from speed or protection.

This helmet is an excellent option for riders who don’t like to feel burdened by their headgear.

The majority of the unit is made from lightweight materials, including the inner pad for added breathability.

  • Lightweight
  • Chinstrap doesn’t rub
  • Comfortable for men and women
  • Adequate protection
  • Adjustments don’t lock
  • Padding is too stiff

5. Thousand Adult Bike Helmet

Finding a helmet that you want to wear can be challenging, especially as many are uncomfortable.

The Thousand Adult Bike Helmet easily stands out from the crowd because it has an ideal fit.

You’ll also receive plenty of guarantees for replacements, if necessary.


When you purchase a Thousand helmet, you are protected by multiple guarantees.

Riders have an anti-theft and accident replacement plan, ensuring a new helmet in certain situations.

If your helmet is locked up and stolen, you get a new one; also, if you were in an accident, Thousand will replace it for free.

As mentioned, this helmet is something that riders will enjoy wearing, which is a breath of fresh air.

It has a stylish design that’s safe and comfortable in one package.

Whether male or female, riders will feel confident in their new helmet and know they are adequately protected.

Riders who have found it challenging to find a perfectly fitting helmet will like the adjustable features in this design.

You’ll be able to loosen or tighten the helmet with the Dial Fit System located at the rear.

Once adjusted, it will have a more tailored fit, helping to reduce discomfort and chafing.

Another unique feature of the Thousand Adult Bike Helmet is its locking system.

Instead of wearing or carrying your helmet with you, you can lock it directly to your bicycle.

There’s a built-in channel behind the logo that hides a PopLock for your chain or U-Lock.

Commuters are bound to love this feature the most, as they can keep their gear safe and secure.

Another useful feature is the magnetic buckle, which helps you fasten and unfasten the helmet quickly.

You can lock it into place with one hand without the worry of pinching your fingers.

Instead of using traditional nylon that wears away over time, these helmets are designed with vegan leather straps.

You’ll be able to stay sweat-free because the microfiber vegan material is ideal for long-distance wear.

Also, you can have peace of mind that you are protecting the environment.

With the integrated ventilation system, the helmet has a more modern appeal, making it the best bike helmet under 100.

There are seven high-end air vents as well as three engineered cooling channels for optimal airflow.

As an added benefit, every Thousand helmet has been CPSC and ASTM F1492 certified.

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Has two sets of pads
  • Convenient U-Lock hole
  • Great for small and large heads
  • Chin straps are thin
  • Scuffs too easily

Final Verdict

The best bike helmet under 100 is the Giro Fixture MIPS Helmet because of its versatility and safety.

Its ventilation system is quite impressive, allowing for optimal airflow without compromising integrity.

It’s also designed to last a long time with regular wear, making it ideal for all cyclists.

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